Houses for Sale in Vancouver Heights

The Vancouver Heights district is a well-established residential neighborhood in Vancouver, Washington. Here are some key points about buying a home in this area:

Neighborhood Overview

Vancouver Heights is an older, suburban neighborhood with a mix of smaller homes built in the mid-20th century and larger, more modern houses constructed in recent decades. It has a peaceful, family-friendly vibe with tree-lined streets and well-maintained properties.

The area is conveniently located near amenities like hospitals, schools, and shopping centers along Mill Plain Boulevard. However, it's not considered a highly walkable neighborhood, as most daily needs require driving.

Pros and Cons

One advantage of Vancouver Heights is its relatively affordable housing prices compared to trendier areas. The neighborhood offers a good balance of value and accessibility to Vancouver's urban core.

On the downside, some parts of the Heights are older and may require more home maintenance or renovations. The public schools in this district also don't have an exceptional reputation compared to other Vancouver neighborhoods.

Home Buying Tips

If considering a home in Vancouver Heights, here are some tips:

- Thoroughly inspect any older property for potential issues like foundation problems, outdated systems, etc. Never skip the home inspection.

- Research crime statistics and sex offender registries in the specific area you're looking at, as the Heights covers a large geographic area with pockets of varying desirability.

- Work with a local real estate agent familiar with Vancouver to properly assess the home's value and neighborhood dynamics.

- In this competitive market, be prepared to make a strong offer quickly, potentially waiving contingencies, to beat other buyers.

While not the most prestigious area, Vancouver Heights offers reasonably priced homes in a centrally located, family-friendly setting - making it an attractive option for many Vancouver homebuyers.

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What is there to do in Vancouver Heights?

Biking Trails

The Vancouver Heights district is undergoing a major redevelopment focused on transforming it into a bike-friendly neighborhood. The revitalization plan includes dedicated bike lanes, multi-use paths, low-speed shared roadways, and the unique Heights Bike Garden - a miniature streetscape for teaching bike skills. When complete, the improved bike infrastructure and connectivity will seamlessly link Vancouver Heights to popular trails and destinations throughout the city, promoting cycling as a convenient transportation option in this centrally-located district.


The culinary scene in Vancouver Heights, Washington, is primarily centered around casual dining establishments and local eateries. While the neighborhood itself doesn't boast a high concentration of trendy restaurants, residents have easy access to a variety of dining options within a short drive. Popular spots include family-friendly chains, ethnic cuisines like Thai and Mexican, and a smattering of independent cafes and diners serving classic American fare. The nearby Vancouver Waterfront development has attracted some new dining concepts as well, though the heart of the city's culinary offerings remains in the downtown area just a few miles from Vancouver Heights. Overall, the neighborhood caters more to residents seeking convenient, affordable dining rather than being a foodie destination itself.


The Vancouver Heights neighborhood boasts several parks that cater to various recreational needs. LeRoy Haagen Memorial Community Park offers walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas for residents to enjoy the outdoors. Lieser School Park, a 2-acre green space adjacent to the Lieser Campus, serves as a community hub for the surrounding area. Additionally, the upcoming Heights District redevelopment plan envisions incorporating engaging public spaces, including a neighborhood park with features like an open lawn for events, a dog park, picnic areas, water fountains, and bike parking to promote an active lifestyle. The revitalization efforts aim to create a vibrant, walkable neighborhood with ample park amenities within a 20-minute radius for all residents.


Vancouver Heights boasts an incredibly convenient location within Vancouver, Washington. Situated near major transportation routes like State Route 500 and Interstate 205, residents enjoy easy commutes to downtown Vancouver and across the Columbia River to Portland, Oregon. The neighborhood's proximity to shopping centers like Grand Central, local eateries, and essential services means urban amenities are just a short drive away. Despite its suburban feel, Vancouver Heights offers the best of both worlds - a peaceful residential atmosphere combined with quick access to the city's core and regional destinations, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a well-connected community.

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